Wednesday 17 February 2016 // TASTY CREATIVITY

#TasteTheMustard - All Of Teams / The Fabulous H3D Event - A format created to engage true and deep passions for sports, music and "team playing".

Visionair creates an unconventional project that combines
different styles and sounds into a single solution that is clear and consistent: HipHop, House, Dance, and other musical genres.


"A purely "HIP HOP STYLE" atmosphere, adding the Cooler HOUSE sounds and the latest DANCE releases, surrounded by choreographies and shows created by real professionals in the field, involving you in a seductive show between fantasy and reality.".

✓  Newil Macran 

✓  Dj Mystique
✓  Dj Uneak from Belgium
✓  Dj Sk-One from Dusseldorf - Germany
✓  Dj Cosmic from Belgium
✓  Official Best Voice Ellys Leon

And the best Guest Djs on the national and international scene.

✓  Official Facebook Page

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Immagine Copertina
Immagine Copertina
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