A Chocolate Christmas!

Friday 25 December 2015 // TASTY CREATIVITY
#TasteTheMustard - Let Christmas come when it comes ... someone said!
"Create & Craft" .. we say!! ^_^
Because getting our hands dirty is always the best way to show what we are capable of.
That's right, for the most cuddly party of the year, they found us with our hands in the chocolate!!

 "Generating the change to break the mould, to think differently and look to the future".

Mustard chooses the creativity of the extraordinary Chef Ernst Knam for its personalised gifts.
Our first Christmas together could not be sweeter.


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Immagine Copertina
Immagine Copertina
#TasteTheMustard - MissDarling MakeUp Milano is a new brand of cosmetics. Absolute Made in Italy philosophy. Creativity, innovation and design are the Brand guidelines...


We are always ready to accept new challenges.

Another good reason to work with us.